NFT - Virtual art

By: Darin Feinstein
Feb. 21, 2021

The NFT market is on fire. CryptoPunks project from Larva Labs as of Sunday February 21, 2021 has a collection of punks on sale, the cheapest punk is available for 21.35 ETH or $40,920 as of writing. Right now there is no way to own one of the most popular and original NFT collections under $40,000, see for yourself at This is a big change from 2020 with most of the collection under $1000.

Hashmasks are following Crypto Punks closely with a floor price listed on NFTX under the symbol MASK NFTX also offers derivative prices for crypto punks as well. has an amazing collection of art for sale, prices on that platform range from mid .15 Eth (Mid $300 USD) to over 5000 Eth (Millions of USD).